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Lee Larson

Deacon - HFG

Lee Larson

Lee started as a Deacon at the Marion Church in 1991 and has had three different stints on the Deacon board.

Lee has been happily married to Becky (Heavilin) for 47 years, and they have been attending Marion since 1986. Together they have 4 children, Jennifer, Joni, James and Jessica.

Lee is a truck driver, starting in 2002 and now driving for VSI for the last eight years, delivering pet supplies. He loves every minute of it. He also love his wife, children and grandchildren, and is not afraid to show it. He also like to hike the coast range, and hiking in general.

In the mid 90's, Lee and Becky (to save money ) used to have date days by taking the churches trash to the dump. It was a dirty job, but they enjoyed their time together.

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